I couldn't believe I waited this long to right this, but I wanted all my facts straight. I hate going off half-cocked. Recent events have led me to conclude that I was right all along. We are all very seriously boned.

Firstly the US presidential election. With a liberally inclined president such as Barrack, our nations position on certain matters of foreign and domestic policy are sure to see some drastic changes. So drastic that we may not like the initial repercussions of those changes. But that is what we (by which I mean YOU, not me. I didn't bother) voted for, right? Change. Never really specified what kind of change, but we were willing to gamble on it. I mean who wouldn't? 'Snot like our lives or national security could be compromised by blindly trusting a man with great rhetoric skills. Reminds me of someone I studied extensively in High School. Led Germany to a great national rebirth. What was his name? Anyway that horse was beaten to death long before I got to it.

Secondly the recent rise in violence in India. May I remind you that India is a NUCLEAR armed, mostly hindu country that sits next to ANOTHER nuclear armed country. Specifically an ISLAMIC, NUCLEAR ARMED COUNTRY. (not namin' any names) A country that many citizens in India blame for the recent rise of terrorism in their country. This attack was at least as, if not more, coordinated than the 9/11 attack on New York, Washington, and a field in Pennsylvania. Proof that the enemy is prepping for another swing at the big boys. I wouldn't want to be anywhere near a national landmark anytime during the next several months. But, then, I plan on surviving the Apocalypse. I don't know exactly what your plans are.

Third, the economy, both domestic and global, is in free-fall. There is nothing more that can be done. Enjoy the low gas prices while they last. The elastic effect is never far behind the reality effect. What you need to do now is begin stockpiling canned goods, durable clothing, blankets, anything you think you'll need to survive on your own. It is no longer a source of pride to be a part of the global survival machine. Self-sufficiency is the new cool. I'm serious. Do it, now.

Lastly, this is something you wouldn't see if you were an ordinary human. Thankfully, I am the Ironman. It's not in any open source materials, nor is it in any classified databases. Sorry, government guys who are paid to monitor me, there's nothing here from the SIPRNET. You would not only need to be looking for it, you would also need to know exactly where to look. There is a growing movement in central and eastern Europe. They resent the West's, specifically the English speaking countries (UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), dominance over the world and want to tip the scales. The proposed plan is to create a United States of Europe, take control of the vast military power of NATO and "level the playing field." If history, and my diligent research, has taught us anything, Germany is the most likely candidate to be the ring-leader. Any way this goes, it's bad news of everyone. Especially with a softy for a president. 

The pieces are in place. We are deep in the shit. I know what I'm gonna do. How 'bout you?

© 2009 by SGT Pepper

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