So, I was watching the news a few hours ago when a report came on the air proclaiming that, "The world is broke."  They went on to outline that, basically, every state, county, and municipal government in the United States is out of money.  They cannot meet their monetary obligations.  City employees, water and power companies, they're not going to get paid.  The money doesn't exist.

Do you, dear reader, know what feeling that information raises in me?
DISEMBODIED VOICE:  "Pray tell, dear writer."
Certainly:  Frustration.  A horrible, burning frustration, bordering on rage.  The world is falling to pieces because of an idiot with a Messiah complex.  "Don't worry, don't react, don't do anything, we'll save you."  I burns me to my core when I hear things like "federal bailout imminent".  I can't stand the idea that a government is incapable of allowing something to fail.  Here's a quick lesson in economics ladies and gentlemen:  When you use bad business practices, YOU FAIL.  You go out of business.  You lose money.  Too bad, so sad, oh well.  Learn from your mistakes, pick yourself up, and try again.  BAILOUT NOT NECESSARY.

But I think you, dear reader, already know my feelings towards the game called Bailout.  What really gets to me about this particular situation is that there's no way to fix it.  At least not in time to stop people from getting hurt.  It's true that, without a bailout, the economy is going to take a hit.  The reason being that this, the local governments running out of money, is not the root problem; it's merely a symptom of a much, MUCH, bigger problem:  The economy as a whole.  Most of the major problems in this country are just symptoms of the problems in our economy.

So, you may ask, why does this frustrate me so?  Why do I care so much about a problem too big for one man to solve?  Simple:  It's not.  Our economic problems are solvable if we follow the correct plan.  And guess who knows, if fact, has known the correct plan since damn-near day one?  I would never presume to say my plan for fixing the economy is perfect; no plan is.  All I know is that my plan has worked before; has worked before in our own nations history.  If it worked then, there's no reason to believe it won't work now.  After all, we've tried everything else.

In the next few months, I'm going to be outlining my plan for saving us all from total and complete disaster.  We're taking on water, fighting multiple fires all over the ship, triage is overrun by the wounded and dead.  Don't touch that dial, folks.  We'll be right back after these messages.

-CAPT Blood