"You can fool most of the people all of the time."

This is the mantra by which the modern police state generally tends to operate, and, for the most part, it works.  You really can fool most of the population pretty much all of the time.  Compound that gullibility with a little something called the "Big Lie Principle" and it's easy to see why most people don't really give a damn about the real issues our world is facing right this very instant.  They don't care because they have yet to realize that they should care.  It's not socially acceptable to care.  Those who do are regarded as nut-jobs and shunned by society simply because they care more about the political and business histories of the men and women we've entrusted with running this country than they do about who got voted off American Idol.

Some would say that over 90% of the world is too wrapped up in their own lives, so worried out their own affairs or the affairs of famous personalities, that they will blindly follow the popular ideas of the time.  Take for example, oh, I don't know, the Holocaust.  Or perhaps the Inquisition.  Any event in world history that resulted in the deaths of millions was generally predicated by a government or other powerful organization telling the general populace that what was about to happen was for their own good or god's will or some other rubbish line, it really doesn't matter, the point is that the people not only bought it, they then helped perpetrate it.  "Yeah, I know where some Jews are hiding, mine Fuhrer."

But I'm getting off track.  As we know, 90% is a lot of people.  Too bad for them that out of that 90% only a same fraction are actually willing to invest the time and energy necessary to effect any kind of change in this world.  So, in reality, as an active force to be combated and routed, we're really only dealing with maybe 5% of the overall population.  This is too the advantage of, say, a revolution, because it is then only necessary to rally a force capable of defeating that 5%.  Once the "doers" are gone, the rest will fall in line (or so the theory states).  So, for where is this "capable force" rallied from?  Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the origin of "The Law of 10%".

The Law of 10% simply states that, in a large, random grouping of people, when 90%, spear-headed by the "doers" (5%), decide on what their social norms shall be, there will always be a dissident group of about 10% that refuse to conform.  But, lets say that the 5% do not have the groups best interests at heart, but instead are creating these norms to serve their own interests.  If the dissident 10% were to rise up and destroy that 5%, then the established norms would also be destroyed and newer, broader, fairer norms would be put in their place.

Unfortunately, this 10% is comprised of very different factions that dissent from the norm for very different reasons.  For example, there are the ultra-conservatives who don't agree with the size of the government (they think it has too much power).  They still want there to be a government in place, they just want it to be a little less all-knowing/all-seeing/all-powerful.  Then you have the Anarchists.  They also think the government is too powerful, but their solution is to completely and utterly destroy it.  Very different people with very different goals but still within the 10%.

This is why, historically, the 5% beats the 10%:  The 10% is divided.  It's easy to fend off an enemy twice your size if their attacks are clumsy and uncoordinated.  The only way, THE ONLY WAY, to knock the 5% out of power and end their tyrannical reign is to UNITE THE 10%.  Take all those ultra-conservatives, anarchists, free-thinkers, ect., unite them under one banner, give them a common enemy, place someone in charge that they will all listen to, and march them onward to Glorious Victory.