You ever have one of those moments?

I was reading through my newsfeed today when I came across something… troubling.  So troubling I couldn’t prevent the sudden pang of jealousy and rage.  But, I maintained hold of myself.  Sat very still, closed my eyes, counted backwards from 10, regulated my breathing, and relaxed my urge to kill, maim, and destroy.  What simple idea could set off such a reaction within me?  It matters not.  The reason is ultimately irrelevant, as I have learned how to combat these savage, barbaric reactions.

The solution is simply to let go one’s conscious mind, to purge yourself of your humanity.  To think calmly and rationally, with no bigoted emotions or bias feelings, is the solution, dear reader.  To remember that, in the face of the universe, these trivialities are just that, trivialities.  They will not last; they will falter and die like all those that have come before them.  And only the Revolution, OUR Revolution, will endure forever.

On to Victory, dear reader.
-CAPT Blood