... is a glorious tune, a hymn that should be memorized and immortalized by everyone who lives in this great country.

So why is it that at major sporting events, award ceremonies, ect. that the National Anthem, OUR National Anthem, is usually a solo event?  There are probably people singing along in the crowd, but they're so few and far between that they can't be heard.  Furthermore, there's usually a spot-light of some kind, singling out the performer (who's probably being paid for this) and creating an atmosphere of exclusion for everyone else in the room.  This is a problem, dear reader.

Our National Anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner", has an interesting history.  Penned by Francis Scott Key as he witnessed the bombardment of Fort McHenry by ships of the British Royal Navy during the War of 1812, the song actually has four verses.  I can excuse singing only the first as it would be rather time consuming to sing the entire song before every baseball game, but, let us understand something:  This song is a hymn of war, written during and about one of the major battles of a war that witnessed the White House burned to the ground.  The tune itself is a old British drinking song.  A hymn of war, sung to the tune of a drinking song (at a rather brisk tempo, I might add); THAT IS THE ANTHEM THAT OUR COUNTRY HAS ADOPTED.  Not the horrifically butchered rendition that has plagued our country since Woodstock (I'm lookin' at you, Jimmy).

When I brought this up, someone actually had the audacity to tell me that I need to "stop living in the past" and "get with the times".  Ladies and gentleman, I shall do no such thing; I will not succumb to insanity.  Just because something is the norm does not necessarily mean that it is correct.  I was then told that I needed to "wake up and see the world for what it really is".  So, because I see things in the world that I don't agree with, form a logical argument against them, and defend my point against opposing views, I must be asleep at the wheel. 
HAVE YOU LOST YOUR GODDAMN MIND?  You're the one who's daydreaming, drifting along on the shoulders of society, doing as you're told like a good little sheep.  I will not be a sheep; the very thought disgusts me.  I will always strive to be the wolf, constantly thinking, aware of his surroundings, eye's wide open to an ever-changing environment.  And, when the time comes, I will devour the sheep and march on to Glory and Victory.


A quick run down,

How our Anthem should be sung:
1)  By every willing and able man, women, and child in attendance
2)  At a brisk tempo
3)  Loudly (forte), clearly, and with pride

How our Anthem should NOT be sung:
1)  Solo
2)  Slowly
3)  With lots of vibrato
4)  There should be no long pauses in between the last few lines
5)  The retard at the end should not be over-emphasized
6)  No Goddamn ad lib; sing is as it's written

Dear reader, I have not yet come to a conclusion on which song shall be the Anthem of this most Glorious Revolution, but rest assured, it will be something awesome, and when it is sung, it shall never be a solo event.

-CAPT Blood