So, finally, I have uploaded a new video of myself being musically inclined.

If I may, there are some things I need to discuss about it.  The quality is abysmal (please use headphones).  That's not permanent though, I have the high quality file sitting right here on my hard-drive.  I just can't upload it because, as is standard with high quality video, the file size is massive enough to prevent me from attempting to upload it from my current location.

In an effort to provide you all the best product possible, I went back and reworked the "Let It Be" video.  In the process I deleted the old video off YouTube, but now I can't upload the new one, not even in low quality.  15.7 MB is just too much, apparently.  So, for the time being, the "Let It Be" video is broken.

But, never fear, dear reader, the high quality videos are coming.  I'm working out a way to get them up soon.

Carry on.
-CAPT Blood