As always, I'm writing today primarily to provide the link to today's article.

In other news, we've been doing work on the site and Rubber Ducky's been working on the Glorious Network, a way for Revolutionaries and friends of the Revolution to share ideas and coordinate their efforts.  It's a massive undertaking, and the CAPT wants us to have it ready for sea trials by late fall/early winter with her first deployment in Spring 2010.  Complications are expected, and there's no guarantee it'll work on even an ideal level as far out as a year from now.  We'll play it by ear.

I've added Google Analytics to every page we've published, and the initial results are better than any of us expected.  We're far more popular than I ever thought (I'll hold back on exact numbers until there's more data) especially among Mac users (over half our hits come from Safari).

Finally, I added a cool little widget to the homepage.  It's in the bottom right, so check it out.

That's all for now, shipmates.  Super-secret project moving along nicely.  More soon.