Has this ever happened to you?

I was standing in line at [the bank] to get something fixed with my [debit card].  I had gotten there a little early and was like fifth in line, so, like any sane person, I expect it would take maybe five -- ten minutes for each person in front of me.  They open up the window on time (thank God).  The first person has to apply for a new card, so, of course, the [teller] gives them the paperwork that they need to fill out to apply for said card.  Now, you, the sane human being, when you're given paperwork to fill out at say the DMV or the Post Office, what do you do?  You sit down at the provided facilities and take care of your paperwork in an out of the way area so the employee behind the counter can help the next person in line, correct?  Well, you, sane human being, would be the fucking minority.  Apparently, it's common practice to fill out said paperwork AT THE FUCKING COUNTER.  Yeah, you heard me, this ass-hole stood there for 30 fucking minutes -- 30 MINUTES OF MY GODDAMN TIME -- filling out paperwork he could have easily done ANYWHERE ELSE.

I'm guessing this isn't an isolated phenomenon.  From what I can tell, this happens everywhere.  Why?  Everyone hates it.  Everyone agrees that the sane thing to do is take the paperwork somewhere else.  Everyone in line hates this person.  The employee behind the counter hates this person.  Yet, this person still exists.  HOW?!  Who are these people?  Where do they come from?  What are their motives?  Do they derive some sick pleasure from torturing others?  Do they just not care about anyone but themselves?  You want an anit-evolution proof?  This is it.  In the normal evolution of our species, this behavior should have been wiped out CENTURIES AGO.  Yet, it has somehow survived in what I can only guess is some back-water hell-hole of an undeveloped fourth-world country.

Legionaries, this Revolution has a new objective:  Acquiring the location of this cesspit and ensuring its timely and utter destruction.  Blood, out.

-CAPT Blood