It's official.  We literally have dozens of readers.

I checked out our statistics since we installed Google Analytics to all the pages on this site last weekend.  Not only do I know how many visitors we've had since then, I know how long they've been on the site, how many times they've come back, what pages they've visited, and what city they were in (well, just the internet hub for their area, really) when they logged on.  Survey says... 2 unique hits from Canada!  Whoo!  Rock ON!

That's a personal victory for me because I was convinced that all Canadians were actually too stupid to know how the internet works.  I have been proven wrong on that count, so maybe I'll be proven wrong on the count that all Canadians are too stupid to understand the purpose of this Revolution.  Don't let me down now, guys!  I'm really rootin' for ya!

I've had to discount a good number of hits because they're most likely ME hitting the site to trouble-shoot any problems I might see before I figured out how to filter my IP address out of our Analytics reports.  A metric ass-ton come from the links I post on Facebook, followed by direct traffic (punching the url into the browser), and just a smidgen of the pie goes to search engine traffic.  What in hell these people are actually searching for (they don't find it here because they bounce off the front page within seconds) I have no fucking clue.  Never-the-less, traffic is traffic.

To answer a question, "NO, there will never be a press-release related to this site."  Yes, I know it would help our exposure and generate an unbelievable amount of traffic over a short time, but, let's face it, there's really nothing news-worthy about this site.  Besides, my goal is to follow in the Great Maddox's footsteps and generate all traffic to this site through word-of-mouth alone, without any advertising or self-promoting.  It's a lofty goal, but we stand on priniciple when we refuse to sell-out to advertisers.

I'll try to keep y'all up to date on statistics as they roll in or as we hit mile-stones.

-For Glory and the Revolution-