There are times in life when words fail me. I search in desperation for something to say but come up blank. My mastery of the English language seems to desert me all at once in a great, mass exodus reminiscent of the children of Israel fleeing Egypt-land.

And then there are times when silence fails me. The anger, rage, jealousy, fear, and pain well up inside of me until I can restrain myself no longer. I scream obscenities, attacking everyone and everything, cutting a wide swath through my friends and co-workers in an effort to escape my internal torment.

The key to success in this life is simple: Master your mind. If one is to expect even a moderate level of comfort, then one must know how to speak even when words fail them and how to hold their peace even when the urge to scream and throw things threatens to overwhelm them.  THIS HAVE I LEARNED.

*ahem*  Anywho,
I've had this idea on the back-burner for a while and something today brought it into the spotlight.  The idea is daunting; a task that could take me months, if not years.  An objective, multi-part account on why the major religions of the world are wrong.  Every.  Last.  One of them.  I've seen enough objective evidence from all sides that I can honestly say I don't think anyone of them can claim they know the full story.

The debate that rages more than any other is based on the question "Does God exist?"  To paint a picture in your mind, let's say you're chasing a rabbit named Truth down a road and come to a fork.  A path going left, and a path going right.  One represents the existence of God, the other the non-existence of God.  Truth is long out of sight, and you've no idea which way to go.  And there I stand, just before the fork, pondering the secrets of universe as I am wont to do.  So, you ask me, "Hey, which way did he go?"  Based on the objective evidence I've seen, my only truly honest response is to cross my arms over my chest, pointing down both paths and say, "He went that-a-way, Doc."